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One who has a particular dislike for anime because of the different style of animation, the generic plots and characters in some anime, the fact that some anime can be pornographic and possibly a distaste for the number of people who like anime. The common anime hater will usually have no actual reason to hate anime besides that it may seem weird as the animation is a bit strange at first. Others may hate it because there is some anime porn or "hentai" which is meant for an older audience and although most anime does not contain any pornographic material there is still some out there that does so anime haters generalize all anime to be pornographic causing a hate for anime. Also there is a large amount of anime out there that can be classified in the fantasy genre (most anime in this genre are very badly thought out and plots seem too feel cheesy and generic) a large number of anime haters just don't dig the fantasy genre. Some people may just hate anime because of particular fans that they know. Some anime fans choose not to tell anyone that they are an anime fan because there may be someone in their school who talks nonstop about anime so they feel awkward mentioning to anyone in school. People also may not want to watch anime for the same reason, that reason being that they may know a HUGE anime fan who talks nonstop about it and so it makes anime seem weird to them.
Because of his extreme distaste for it's style of animation the anime hater flagged an episode of Cowboy Bebop angering fans of the show.

The anime hater explained to her friend that she thought anime seemed stupid to her and that she did not want to watch it.

When the anime hater stated that all anime was gay I replied "although most anime is rather dumb around 10 shows actually stand out as very entertaining and original.
by althealchemist May 12, 2008

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