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Something that people with any form of self-respect and/or pride do not watch.

Much of it is based off the premise of holding a still shot for many seconds at a time, in fact, many anime shows do not even move at all. This is Japanese revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki: making america's nerds one more thing to annoy us with.

See also: Fagasaur
Guy 1: Dood I watched bleach the other day and hori
-jimi-shiro-naga-african sleeper hold said that pirate ninjas will take over the world in the year 2447! Ke ke ke ke ke! Anime!

Guy 2: I would rather beat myself to death with a steel dildo than watch that shit.
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007
"anime: a vastly inferior form of animation adopted by pedophiles and sex offenders to simulate rape"
"anime: Speed lines and gigantic eyes mini skirts and long legs!"
by Bloody Sacha October 30, 2007
Cartoons that are usually very serious with a large, nerdy, pasty-white American kid fanbase. Usually the eyes on the characters are ten times too large, and their mouths only move up and down in one repeating motion. The oversized eyes can be connected to the rather small eyes of the people who make the cartoons, perhaps trying to even the balance.
Cartoons were originally created to be funny and entertaining. Anime is neither.
Possibly the weirdest fucking thing ever. If you want to be weird read, draw or call yourself a Japanese name Anime style.
Crazy girl with plaid skirt and fishnets: Tehe guys ~.- I'm so0o changing my name to Linx. XD That's what happened in the newest version of Kumitata's Adventures!
The downfall of America's future.
How can children be the future when they're sitting infront of the T.V. and gazing in a stopour at seizurical colors and half-naked drawn characters?
by Roujine The Hedgehog December 31, 2004
Often sad examples of poor animation made for japanese preteens, that has a strong and curious appeal to sad american whites of all ages.
These americans who will often blast american entertainment will watch this reprehensible form of entertainment drawing from it some deepness, and inner meaning, even if the meaning of the anime is, look at funny catman dance to J-pop, while scared school kid runs! While this is something only a preschooler thinks is funny, an Otaku (or Japanese for faggot) will demand that you watch it again, or insist that you just didn't "Get it."
While often they are poorly colored coloring book still pictures where the only motion comes from camera movement, and Otaku (i.e. Faggot) will insist the animation is leagues better then american animation.
Otaku (Forementioned faggots) will try and make anyone who is not like them either A: give it another try, or B: reprimand you for not "Getting it." Even though they have clearly mistaken some japanese turd for art.
The saddest of all Otaku (Once again utter japhappy retarded white basement dwelling faggots) will download this stuff off of the internet years before it will air in america to buy them some Otaku (if I haven't driven the point home, they are brainless pretentious moron faggots) credit. So that when something finally does come out on DVD they can talk Otaku/Faggot shit about said show.
Those who don't have yellow skin, and follow this are more likely to A: be child molesters. B: Become a furry, or other sexual deviant or C: cry while masturbating to pictures of strawberry shortcake, or little girls. D: masturbate to unhealthy cartoons (i.e. not Betty Rubble or Velma from Scooby Doo, which it is perfectly safe to masturbate to and still be healthy)
Clerk at video store: Oh, the new tri-gun anime comes out this weekend!
Faggot/otaku: Yeah? that was cool... three years ago, when it came out in japan, because, I don't know if you could tell, though I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I am secretely japanese!

Faggot 1: Do you know what we should do?
Faggot 2: What?
Faggot 1: We should put on cat ears, and naruto headbands and hang out at the mall!
Faggot 2: Yeah, then everyone will know for sure we're cool!
by Guywhogetslaid. October 15, 2006
The Japanese word for "animation". Anime is generally WAY over-rated, incredibly generic, and completely brainless. Anime was originally an animated instructional video by the Japanese to demonstrate that Japanese writers literally cannot put together a single concept without demons, vampires, giant robots, or high-powered fighters.

Humor in anime is literally 100% childish, slapstick garbage, including but not limited to falling over and twitching, bleeding from the nose, having a stupid facial expression, or secreting a giant sweat drop on your head. Note that 95% of these slapstick moments are a result of sexual perversion, typically inadvertantly squeezing GIGANTIC breasts (usually belonging to an animated 12 year old).

Luckily, anime fans need only watch a single episode of any genre, as doing so is actually equivalent to seeing every episode of every show in that genre. For example, watching a single episode of Love Hina is like watching all romance comedies, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME THING.
Hey, did you see that anime? I didn't, because only retards watch that crap.
by TyrantX April 26, 2008