The Japanese artists who draw anime females seem to have a serious cat fetish. Seriously, just look at the female faces. Don't they look catlike? With the small noses, huge mouths, and big watery, cute, hypnotic eyes. Not that it matters though, since the babes have big, bouncing, perfect tits and sexy, curvacious asses to go with the faces, and cats are cool. God I wanna get me one of those girls to make my dick very happy :^))
Anime babes are fuckably HOT, too bad the male characters just don't know what they're missing by NOT fucking them already.
by Toad March 31, 2003
Okay, drumroll please...... Anime is simply fun. F, U, N, FUN. It's entertainment, just like hockey (yes I watch hockey), football, or Looney Toons. I for one laugh my ass off at Daffy Duck, but enjoy Speed Racer, I root for the Blackhawks and still like watching Shaman King. Im a huge fan of most anime because you can learn a lot from the characters, as they are usually extreme versions of a feeling or emotion. Take Goku from DBZ. He protects the earth to keep his friends safe, sounds like extreme loyalty, no? We can all learn the lessons that are tought through anime, but still smoke pot and play football. Kuhmbaya bitches.
We will face this monster of nature with our heads held high and no fear in our hearts!-Ryu/Rio the Dead ender. Shaman King

Guy 1: hey dude, wanna get stoned, watch some Shaman king, bleach, naruto, or sailor moon, then go watch the Hawks smash the Blues?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah. I love anime, sports, and weed!

Guy 3: Can I come too?

Guys 1 and 2: Hellz yeah!

Me: Yus! -raves-
by ToddiTiger July 27, 2011
another word for cartoon that makes teenagers feel better about watching it
"omg i luuuuurve anime"
"oh, do you mean cartoons?"
by Dr Awesome phd.a December 02, 2009
The Asian equivalent of American cartoons, except have more depth and meaning and are not meant exclusively for 12-year-olds. There's many different genres of it, and can be meant for kids, all the way up to seniors. It's not a fucking cartoon.
*le me watching Bleach*

Dumbshit "friend": Dude, why are you watching cartoons??


Dumbshit "friend": So cartoons?

by Majornlar February 05, 2012
Cartoons that are usually very serious with a large, nerdy, pasty-white American kid fanbase. Usually the eyes on the characters are ten times too large, and their mouths only move up and down in one repeating motion. The oversized eyes can be connected to the rather small eyes of the people who make the cartoons, perhaps trying to even the balance.
Cartoons were originally created to be funny and entertaining. Anime is neither.
A word used to refer to many different japanese cartoons. Often worshipped by teenagers who really need to grow up and quit watching their stupid cartoons. Additionally, some of the terms are used for perverted inside jokes that aren't funny and that nobody understands. Not quite as annoying as disney, but it's a close second.
Girl 1: Oh my god! I love anime! It's my life!

Girl 2: Hey, I've got an idea. Let's go get some boys and (insert japanese phrase here)!

Girl 1: (giggles) you're dirty. (looks over at boy) Hey, you care to (insert japanese phrase here)?

Boy: No thanks. I think I'm gay now.

Girl 1: Then you would probably like (insert japanese cartoon name here)!
by the dirty liberal July 13, 2009
Something that people with any form of self-respect and/or pride do not watch.

Much of it is based off the premise of holding a still shot for many seconds at a time, in fact, many anime shows do not even move at all. This is Japanese revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki: making america's nerds one more thing to annoy us with.

See also: Fagasaur
Guy 1: Dood I watched bleach the other day and hori
-jimi-shiro-naga-african sleeper hold said that pirate ninjas will take over the world in the year 2447! Ke ke ke ke ke! Anime!

Guy 2: I would rather beat myself to death with a steel dildo than watch that shit.
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007

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