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An African American, used by Chicanos.
Pinche Animales, the f--n loud, Ese.
by Romeo-Toker November 11, 2010
n. from the italian for animal;

1. a human who is being treated like an animal.

2. a human that is unrefined, barbaric, savage; (condescending)

3. an unattractive girl
ex. Upon receiving the lunch delivery, Sal looked around the room and said, "Hey, how come there is no Pepsi for me? What am I, animale?"

ex. Person 1: Can you believe these guys? Spitting on the floor, wearing the pants down past their asses?
Person 2: ANIMALE!

ex. That girl was disgusting. Her grill was all mangled and she looked used up. Animale!
by B Hamstring December 09, 2008
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