angry monkey when a girl is giving head, once you shoot your load....punch her in the face to knock her out...put glue on her face and shave off your pubic hair onto her face...when she comes around, she'll look like a monkey, and be bloody angry!
"That bitch cheated on me, Im goin to give her an angry monkey"
by JT-Eng October 10, 2007
Top Definition
After/while fisting someone in the arse, you pull out a lump of shit and smear it in their face
"Oh look, Fahzan got angry monkeyed by his dad again"

"Oh look, Albenus got angry monkeyed by his dad again"
by Rayman July 06, 2004
When a girl goes down on you, swiftly grab her by the ears, face pump her hard, pull out, shoot her in the eye...and as she is temporarily blinded, punch a banana down her throat.
So...this puck slut is at our game, I give her the look and she follows to the locker room...she thinks romance, she gets an Angry Monkey. This ain't the movies beeotch, it's hockey.
by Lord Stanley April 22, 2009
Angry Monkey is not simply a sexual term, it is used to describe someone so angry that they can think of no other recourse than to fling their feces. Whether at the object of their anger or the walls of their cubicle the poo represents the anger. Often times the anger is dissipated by the act of poo slinging.

Some political anger junkie pundits are known for this in metaphor.
"That Beck can't get anyone to listen to him unless he gets all ANGRY MONKEY on the subject"

"Mr. Limburger has made a mess of this radio station with his ANGRY MONKEY ways"

"Don't go in the bathroom, Miss Clotter did an ANGRY MONKEY all over the walls"
by Jumpin' Jimmy January 31, 2010
When a man has been deprived of sex for so long, that he starts throw sperm and shit at you. Comparable to a unsexed lab monkey in a cage.
Hey what's that on your face? Oh that? Sperm, I had a headache last night so my man threw it at me like an angry monkey after jerking off.
by Nash-t February 07, 2014
When a girl jerks off two guys at once, thus pumping her fists in the air as if an angery monkey.
Bill and I got Angry Monkeyed by this total slut last night.
by nac71700 September 29, 2010
Poop in someone's mouth while they are sleeping and punch them in the stomach
I'm gonna Angry Monkey your ass when your asleep
by MauiWowie69 August 15, 2011
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