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Giving yourself a suckjob
Tom loves performing the angry cobra.
Tom performs the angry cobra at work.
by W November 01, 2004
When a male of the homo sapiens erectus genealogy attempts to fornicate himself by means of oral stimulation, one can observe that when this is attempted from a sitting position the craning neck and back of the man will resemble that of a cobra who is defending itself or preparing to strike at prey.
ex 1: Walker is so gay that he probably has to angry cobra himself to blow a load.
ex 2: Wonder how he hurt his neck? Probably attempting the angry cobra.
by shooooteh October 26, 2004
when a girl is giving you head and you proceed to jizz in your own hand and fling the semen on her face, like a "cobra strike" (while making a hissing noise)
Dude, i gave her the angry cobra and i got some in her eye... Nice
by Jay-easy-but-never-sleazy January 04, 2010
The patented SHOOTER move. Also see, self suck job.
Shooter pulls the angry cobra on his lunch breat in his 330i.
by W November 01, 2004
The most potent form of (a) madsnake. Someone or something so cool, so envied, so admirable, that he/she/it has no competition.
DUDE #1: Man, did you see that?! Wayne is a total madsnake!
DUDE #2: No, man, he's a freakin' angry cobra! No one can do that!
WAYNE: Ssssssss!


GIRL #1: I heard Wayne's breakdancing routine saved the youth centre!
GIRL #2: That's madsnake! So madsnake, it's angry cobra!
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006
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