rectal pain, especially caused by excessive wiping after a bout of diarrhea; any kind of discomfort of the asshole; the great equalizer
Those PBRs had me blasting all morning, and now I've got serious angry ass.
by Nick Victim May 05, 2004
Top Definition
A burning sensation in the rectal area as a result of the consumption of large amounts of spicy foods.
Damn...those hot wings gave me angry ass.
by AA Sufferer January 08, 2005
The burning sensation and sometimes itchiness after a big shit where diarrhea was present, whether you wipe enough or not.
damn dude, i jus had the runs, now i got angry ass
by Brian D. H. June 23, 2006
When you take a shit and the stench is overwhelming and unbearable.
You might not wanna go in the bathroom just yet. I have angry ass.
by angrymotherfucker November 18, 2007
An ass so perfect that it makes the person looking at it want to growl aloud & assault it, as if angry.

An ass so beautiful that it demands attention, like an angry patron.
My husband says he married me for my angry ass.
by Holly M S May 12, 2010
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