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anglo-sexon is a term for the category of British movie-actors,(well, not only actors) who simply ooze smexiness and all you can do is watch a bunch of movies with them and cry out in a fangirl manner: 'awww, this guy is PURE F*CKING SMEEX!I LUV HIM!'
A:Have you seen the latest movie with Paul Bettany?
B:Yeah! It was awesome! I have a sudden urge to go to GB and have his babies!
A:Aww, I adore anglo-sexons! One day I'll come to GB and meet my own one and he'll marry me!
by sleepysleepypanda January 28, 2010
A super hot white girl.
Damn, do you see that blonde over there? Holy shit that girl is an Anglo sexon
by youbeenhazed January 23, 2016
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