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the best movie never created, featured in home alone. Kevin watches a gangster movie that is in reality a knock off of the 1938 movie angels with dirty faces. Ralph Foodey portrays crazy mobster kingpin Johnny, who guns down fellow mobster Acey after a dispute over money, using his catch phrase " keep the change ya filthy animal" after the assult. Angels with filthier souls, the sequal, is seen in home alone 2, with a" merry christmas ya filthy animal" adding a festive twist on the catch phrase.
too bad angels with filthy souls isint a real movie, that shit was hilarious.

by Robert Pooner November 18, 2006
A Westchester county, NY hardcore band.
Yo, did you see <i>Angels with Filthy Souls</i> last night? Siiiiiick pile-ons!
by s3nd n00dz d00d April 11, 2007