A term used for people who drink, get drunk, and totally lose control over themselves and body. They usually have extreme body falls in which they fall flat on their face; they usually are taken for a lifeless body.
OMG that fall was totally an Angelica!
Don't be an Angelica -_-
#angelica #drink #drunk #fall #kaminski #pain #sexual #annoying
by polishlover123 August 19, 2009
A crooked penis. This word is often used by people within Australia or the UK. This could also mean a small penis or a baby carrot.
Angelina: Hey Bob! You have an Angelica and it's just not fitting in! You need to straighten it out or else we can't have sex!

Bob: Okay, okay. I'll go fix it right now. I need to flatten it. Have you got a text book?

Angelina: No but if you want I'll sit on it.

Bob: Sure

Angelina: This feels nice!

Bob: Once I get rid of this Angelica, we can finally make babies. I'm going to screw you all over the place!

Angelina: WOOHOO, YOUR ANGELICA'S FIXED! Let's get it on baby!!

Bob: Ohhh yaahhh!
#angelica #crooked penis #angelina #bob #pussy #dick #vagina
by DefinitionSexyGirl November 22, 2009
To vomit on your date, not once, but TWO TIMES, in the course of a 4 hour bus ride.
I changed my shirt after the first time, but then she Angelica'ed all over me 10 minutes later. It was a lost cause.
#vomit #inebriated #drunk #bus #travel
by Wag87 October 19, 2009
NOT Definition 1 or 2
it's a man in the shape of a girl.
guy 1: is that a guy or a girl?
guy: 2 it's an angelica.
#angelica #stupid #ugly #man #she man
by shadowandtiger March 07, 2008
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