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This girl is the fugliest slut, do not trust her.

xoxo, Regina.
"She does'nt even go here"

"who is she"

"thats the ugly bitch angelica
by irock123 November 25, 2013
the coolest most beautiful girl in the world who lives in nyc and is so wonderfully awesome with long brown hair. she also very pretty and nice, and at times smelly. she is also known as gelly. ohh.. did i mention she was pretty?
"omg. that girl is so gorgeous. not as gorgeouse as angelica though!!!"
by angelica (duhhh) December 27, 2007
A nerd who was never seen the sun, is pale white, has bags under her eyes, no social life and plays video games for a living.
dude 1: i think i saw a ghost
dude 2: lol its only a pale white chick
dude 1: oh, it must be an angelica
by No-Social-Life November 11, 2011
A girl who is a homewrecker who only goes after men in a relationship. Also known for being ugly and friendless.
Dude, she was trying to get with Ben while he was going out with Sadie! She's such an Angelica, I despise her!
by CuterThanTheGirlThat'sWithYa August 19, 2011
A young girl who has many anime crushes.
Hey look! That girl is a real Angelica!
by Zeena Yasin February 21, 2009
A term used for people who drink, get drunk, and totally lose control over themselves and body. They usually have extreme body falls in which they fall flat on their face; they usually are taken for a lifeless body.
OMG that fall was totally an Angelica!
Don't be an Angelica -_-
by polishlover123 August 19, 2009
A crooked penis. This word is often used by people within Australia or the UK. This could also mean a small penis or a baby carrot.
Angelina: Hey Bob! You have an Angelica and it's just not fitting in! You need to straighten it out or else we can't have sex!

Bob: Okay, okay. I'll go fix it right now. I need to flatten it. Have you got a text book?

Angelina: No but if you want I'll sit on it.

Bob: Sure

Angelina: This feels nice!

Bob: Once I get rid of this Angelica, we can finally make babies. I'm going to screw you all over the place!

Angelina: WOOHOO, YOUR ANGELICA'S FIXED! Let's get it on baby!!

Bob: Ohhh yaahhh!
by DefinitionSexyGirl November 22, 2009