A kindhearted girl that loves a good gossip sesh. She is trustworthy if she is your friend but you aren't friends, beware: she can sometimes be a bitch. She's overall a lovely girl and she is dating a Korean named Choi Minho. She has a gorgeous smile and the personality to match. If you ever met an Angelica, go and introduce yourself because you have just made a friend you will keep for the rest of your life. She often be friends girls that have an uncontrollable habit of shaking their head and eyes.
Example 1:
Girl 1: Oh wow, she is really nice!
Girl 2: I bet her name is Angelica.

Example 2:
Girl 1: I made a new friend today, her name is Angelica.
Girl 2: Make sure you don't betray her, there is nothing Angelica's do better than revenge.
by ILUVPANCAKES October 24, 2011
a sweetheart with an immense crush on the southern-american band kings of leon. because of her awesome friends she's got all their merchandise (except their cds, ironically, and some posters i believe). quite frankly this is only one of her countless addictions and they're increasing every day.

she's always good for a laugh and if you're not intimidated by someone who almost constantly makes a scene and a is a tsunami of swagger, you should defintely get to know her.
"OMG! KINGS OF LEON WON A GRAMMY!" *in tears* - angelica
by kay to the zee February 05, 2010
1. A nice beautiful brunette girl with blue eyes.
-All the guys like her.
-Extremly attractive.
-A great friend.
-Popular and has lots of friends.
-Not into sports.
-Can be a bitch.
EXAMPLE: That girl is such an Angelica .
by jennifer angelina March 07, 2009
My best friend. the one i vchat with all night with and we dont go to sleep. The one who isnt part of one religion yet is part of all of them. Aladin in discise
look at that angelica, i love her
by CamCamCamie November 27, 2010
filthy trash slut bag that'll fuck yo daddy for some $$$$$$
Sharon! I just walked in on dad with Angelica!
by naughty shazza:P May 15, 2015
an extremely awesome hand job.

man o man...that girl gives a mighty fine angelica!..
by sexyclara August 21, 2008
a super dooper cool girl who atttends a catholic school. also known as angie.
"omg, you're so super cool like angelica!"
by patty patty pat pat September 23, 2007

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