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1. A nice beautiful brunette girl with blue eyes.
-All the guys like her.
-Extremly attractive.
-A great friend.
-Popular and has lots of friends.
-Not into sports.
-Can be a bitch.
EXAMPLE: That girl is such an Angelica .
by jennifer angelina March 07, 2009
Person 1: OMG
Angelica: what?
Person 1: (busy squishing angelica's cheeks) kfkjsdjhasjvbksih
Angelica: ...dude...
Person 1: IT'S. SOOO. SQUISHY!!!
by mackapacka August 25, 2013
My best friend. the one i vchat with all night with and we dont go to sleep. The one who isnt part of one religion yet is part of all of them. Aladin in discise
look at that angelica, i love her
by CamCamCamie November 27, 2010
The most amazingly beautiful girl I've ever seen my life. The one who makes my world spin, for she is my sun and my stars. She gives me about a trillion nicknames and I love everything about her. We've been through thick and thin and I can't imagine even a day without her. I love you Angelica.
I never truly laughed...I never truly smiled, until the day I saw her, my beautiful sweet Angelica.
by M3GAM3SS1AH October 13, 2008
an extremely awesome hand job.

man o man...that girl gives a mighty fine angelica!..
by sexyclara August 21, 2008
A whore; someone who tends to have penis's on her forehead; a girl who scratches her vagina in public; a thottie; someone who is known to screw an entire football/baseball team and then cry about how boys do not respect her; the girl you keep your boyfriend FAR AWAY FROM; the girl that claims she is "bisexual" because no other boy will touch her.
Guy 1: Yo, you know her?
Guy 2: Oh that's Angelica!

Guy 1: I heard she's loose as fuck.
Guy 2: She is! My friend fucked her last night! He said it was like throwing a hot dog in the gymnasium!
by Mr. Socks March 17, 2014
a super dooper cool girl who atttends a catholic school. also known as angie.
"omg, you're so super cool like angelica!"
by patty patty pat pat September 23, 2007