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The usage of multiple points of anecdotal data to confirm any stipulation, often used to "prove" pseudo-scientific claims of illnesses and treatments.
Jenny McCarthy uses anecdata gathered from dozens of accounts to support her pseudo-scientific treatment for childhood autism.
by BabbleOn5 January 11, 2010
Anecdata is psuedo-data produced from anecdotes.

A compilation of correlated stories or other single pieces of information produced to appear like actual scientific data.
Video of several concerned guys in suits discussing why they decided to return their bonuses given after their companies when broke. Voiceover: "Many high paid execs give back bonuses at Big Bank and Big Brokerages."

The viewer might believe this anecdata was real data about bonus returns.
by tiger77 April 03, 2009
Anecdotal information gathered and then presented as fact.
I know the company hasn't done a study yet, but can you give me the anecdata on the consumer experience?
by corppop April 30, 2009
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