A nice man who looks like a child because of a hormonal disorder. He became a comeadian and does well. His desease make him look like a child when hes a grown man sort of stuck in a 14 year olds body. His life is shortened by this so he wont live very long.
The Definition is also an example. Using Andy Milonakis Defining
by Jennifer Clark May 29, 2006
A TV comediean,an adult when he looks like a kid,MY FUKING IDOL!!!THATS WHAT I THINK OF HIM!!!(you fucking ass-holes who dont like him...)
Andy Milonakis is AWESOME!!!
by Darka November 02, 2007
A Hilarious Show To Watch A Kid Doing Completely Random Stuff Until U Find Out Hes 29. I feel sorry for him.
"My Glasses Are Broken!" - andy milonakis
by Joe Nazmdeh March 14, 2006
Ridiculously stupid "child", which he is not a child at all. He actually has a disorder and/or disease which makes him look much younger than he is. He was born in 1979. He should be taken off the air. Corny humor USED to be funny until Andy Milonakis came along. Good job MTV.
Stop acting like an idiot, your name isn't Andy Milonakis.
by frito lay me July 24, 2005
He is actually a 27 year old man that has the same disease as Gary Coleman. He has been doing skits and raps on the internet for years now, for example, "The Super Bowl is Gay" and "NYC" and and stars in a show on MTV called "The Andy Milonakis Show".
Andy Milonakis is a histerical rapper and comedian. Check out his rap NYC on his MySpace, www.MySpace.com/AndyMiloankis.
by Tyler July 19, 2005
N. One of the funniest human beings. Was famous on the internet way before the show but still, if you enjoy random humor, his show will make you die of laughter.
What am I doing Sunday night? Watchinging The Andy Milonakis Show of course! Happy Balloons are hilarous!
by Puss July 04, 2005
He's not really a kid, he's a 27 year old Network Administrator with a condition like Gary Coleman that makes him look young, and he does this stuff for fun and to annoy people.
I'm an FBI Agent! I'm an FBI Agent! Boop boop!
by (CSB) July 10, 2005
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