Surprisingly, a confusing last name.
"Is that Andrew or, Andrews?"
by Lyonene August 29, 2008
the funniest most coolest guy you will ever meet. he can make you smile just by talking to you. he is unlike any other guy and is a complete gentleman. he is an awesome friend and someone you will love to hang out with. andrew is funny,cute,and awesome. if you ever meet one you will never regret meeting him. he may be nice but if you ask a stupid question or do something stupid to him hell get upset easily but he will forgive you eventually.
Girl: hey have you seen andrew today?
Girl2: yea i just saw him he brightened up my day after i got a bad test grade
Girl: oh ok i wanted to ask if he wanted to hang after school
by luvbubtea November 21, 2010
A guy who everyone loves.
Person 1: I hate him so much! He killed my car.

Person 2: OMG! Yes, he is definitely not an Andrew.
by Butterfly667 April 11, 2010
A fear inspiring name, also associated with gut splitting laughter, accents, sadistic mockery, and general prank-foolery.
" don't know who that is? ... it's... it's an Andrews! Run!"
by krimsonness February 03, 2010
t is Greek origin, and the meaning is "man, warrior". Andrews are athletic and knowledgeable and sometimes act shy and reserved but are really out going and crazy when you get to know them. They like computers and comics/super heroes just as much as they like sports, they are the best of both worlds. Andrews will be there when you need them, but you have to be there for them at the same time. If you are lucky enough to be friends with an Andrew you are in for a wild ride. Once you meet him, you will never forget him. Andrews are also quick on their feet and always have a come back ready for be prepared. Sometimes Andrews have ego issues, they like to be the best and are extremely stubborn. They will make you laugh and make you cry, but you will always forgive an Andrew no matter what. Also they like fast cars. And drifting. Andrews will scare you shitless. If you ever meet an Andrew you will find out real quick that they are insanely hyper and visit the hospital a lot. Be ready you will probably be in a waiting room fo' eva. If you ever date an Andrew he will act like he isn't a good boyfriend or isn't good at dating, but really he is amazing, and is as close as a guy can get to well as an amazing kisser. And most importantly if you ever fall in love with an Andrew you will always remember the time you spent with him, because Andrews will leave a mark on your heart that will never go away. Never let an Andrew go. You are insanely lucky to meet an Andrew.
Andrew is ermahgerd amazing!
by ErmahGeRd January 01, 2014
A tall, handsome guy. Good with parents and dresses well. Has a tendancy to act like a dick, can't resist flirting with girls and complimenting them. Usually likes to get between best friends. However once you've got him don't let go, you've managed to catch a big fish. He will be caring and kind and spoil you occasionally. He's the guy every girl wants. He's the best thing that coukd ever happen to you and you want to spend every moment for the rest of your life with him. Lucky girl!
Andrew makes everyday for me
by floweranimal October 14, 2010
Andrew is the most amazing, caring, non judgemental guy in the world. He makes you feel on top of the world and makes you feel like you can tell him anything, anywhere and at any time. He has the most perfect personality, he is sweet and funny and just all around wonderful. He is also incredibly good looking, some might say he's beautiful. He's unbearably addictive and is someone you cannot get enough of. Andrew is the whole package and more.
Andrew is so amazing, don't you think?
by LittleMissxoxox December 29, 2011

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