a modern-day dictator inspired by Hitler himself, as he used to give blowjobs to the Nazi official Himmler, and therefore shares the hate for JEWS, ARABS and BLACKS.
"Hey dude, I just don't get Andrew!"

"Why bro?"

"Well, he's nosy, fucked up in the head and WHITE!"
by Lollipop-Lovable May 04, 2009
Is a guy who thinks he has great style..but wears high water pants..that define his tighty whitey held crotch. He thinks he's amazing. Some ppl actually think this..due to his fake mask..but once getting to know Andrew well..you learn he's nothing but a user..someone who only wants you around if he can get something from being your friend...oh and by the way...his head is usually older looking because of all the white hair that prematurely grew out..he's only 22..and looks 35...
Hey look..it's Andrew's dad..no wait..it's Andrew the son!

Hey look a flood is coming..no wait...his pants just make you think that!

Girl: Hey Andrew..i like you..and you call me babe..and i know we've been talking for a month now, don't you think we should take the next step?
Andrew:Uh...i don't see you that way..i'm sorry that me calling you babe made you think i wanted to be more than friends.
by BitterSweet09 October 23, 2008
Usally a chode sucking faggot fucking no vagina lucking douche bag. And is an anal raverger.
Dude hear comes andrew save me
by Complex13 April 24, 2009
1) A secretively gay man.
2) Thinks he's the hottest shit alive

Andrew likes obese birds
by Izzeh8059 December 13, 2008
a fairly common name for a boy, also known as "oggie"
Blake - "Hey oggie hows it goin?" Andrew - "Don't fuckin call me that!"
by Blaindog November 24, 2007
A person who your friends think are tall, dark, and handsome, which you don't see.
Not all Andrews are Jewish.

Person 1: Which Andrew?
Person 2: There's only one Andy.
Person 1: I'm pretty sure there's two Andrews.
Person 2: You know... Tall, dark, handsome...
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Jewish...
Person 1: Oh. That Andrew.
by Zoe Anne Chua Kaw February 23, 2008
A medically obese, immature, perverted, thieving male. Andrews also tend to be sexist.
"You should really take that hentai site, gaynarutoxx.com, off of your cell phone. You're such an Andrew."

"I let my cousin borrow some of my games. He never returned them, though. He's such an Andrew."

"My friend won't insult girls, since he's sexist. He's such an Andrew."

"Wow, you are fat and perverted. You are such an Andrew!"
by KirbyKirbKirbKirbKirb August 24, 2008

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