usually a really fat guy who spends time eating and playing COD online.. he attempts playing instruments like the drums, and collects comics and really enjoys reading them... fter he's done chowing down on some cheese and jail breaking his i pod.. they usually know a lot about computers because they spend most of their time playing with them.. isnt usually too great with girls and thinks violence solves most things. most people think of him as a loser.
"what the hell is up with that fat guy, he only talks about COD and computers and he's always hiting me???"
"oh right, thats andrew"
"oh thats understandable"
by yomammasface July 04, 2009
usually a guy who thinks he's cool but he's not. he likes to be an a**hole and often acts like a girl. He will do things in order to annoy you
Guy:(action)flicks things at girl
Girl:"stop it"
Guy:(action)flicks bigger things at girl
Girl:"OMG!!! your being such an andrew"
by Diana elohcin December 29, 2007
N.--Nasty, Creepy, Greasy Stalker. Will typically be found in the halls of your average, everyday high school, sulking around, leaving a trail of grease behind him. An Andrew has no friends, like literally none, although he will try to trick himself into believing he does. To get rid of an Andrew, you may actually have to leave the country, or kill yourself, but I would go with leaving the country, because without a hott girl to obsess over, an Andrew has nothing to live for. Therefore, he may pull a Romeo and Juliet and follow you into death, which would suck.

V.-- Act of sexually molesting a poor, defenseless dog.
1) Girl 1: Run for your life! It's Andrew!
Girl 2: Careful not to slip in his grease!

2) Ugly guy: I'm really horny, but I'm too ugly to get a girl, so I'm gonna go Andrew.
by Kay Ceee April 10, 2009
Likes fucking dudes, is a total bro, and is also known for his appearance in the broadway musical twilight as Bella
"Hey bro, did you see Andrew in that broadway musical "twilight"? He totally fucked over 9000 dudes at the end."

"Yeah dude, we should totally have him over to play gamecube and "chill"."
by Chips Handen March 04, 2009
a modern-day dictator inspired by Hitler himself, as he used to give blowjobs to the Nazi official Himmler, and therefore shares the hate for JEWS, ARABS and BLACKS.
"Hey dude, I just don't get Andrew!"

"Why bro?"

"Well, he's nosy, fucked up in the head and WHITE!"
by Lollipop-Lovable May 04, 2009
Is a guy who thinks he has great style..but wears high water pants..that define his tighty whitey held crotch. He thinks he's amazing. Some ppl actually think this..due to his fake mask..but once getting to know Andrew learn he's nothing but a user..someone who only wants you around if he can get something from being your friend...oh and by the way...his head is usually older looking because of all the white hair that prematurely grew out..he's only 22..and looks 35...
Hey's Andrew's's Andrew the son!

Hey look a flood is wait...his pants just make you think that!

Girl: Hey Andrew..i like you..and you call me babe..and i know we've been talking for a month now, don't you think we should take the next step?
Andrew:Uh...i don't see you that way..i'm sorry that me calling you babe made you think i wanted to be more than friends.
by BitterSweet09 October 23, 2008
Usally a chode sucking faggot fucking no vagina lucking douche bag. And is an anal raverger.
Dude hear comes andrew save me
by Complex13 April 24, 2009

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