A really really cool guy, you couldn't ask for a better best friend! he would do anything for you and always looks out for others and puts them before himself. GREAT music taste and sense of humour, The bitches love him! Really smart and really funny and good looking, shame his sixpack is hidden by a layer of fat. Trustworthy and you can tell him anything! couldn't ask for anything more.
Person 1: omg do you know Andrew ?
Person 2: the one with the velociraptor?
by Velocesquid001 November 16, 2012
The. BEST. Person. You will ever. Meet. I luffles him. So very much. >//> He's sweet, kind, funneh, understanding, GYAH THE LIST GOES ON. Aka, perfect/mine. <3
If you ever read this I'll be so very embarrassed, you'll probably know who it is. x3; But, I love you Andrew. .//.
by Jackielufflesyou>//> April 30, 2009
A god amongst men, there are few people truly worthy to be bestowed with the name Andrew. Women want him, and men want to be him. He's the life of a party, even if he's not invited. Andrew is capable of great feats, not just in the bedroom, although he is a consummate lover, but sometimes just out of spite.

Andrews can typically stop a rampaging bull with a strong, frank punch to the face, yet be as gentle as a mother doe to her fawn. He's the stuff of legends. Songs are written about him, plays a penned, entire. He can steal hearts with a glance, moisten panties with a breath, and command loyalty with a snap of the fingers.

In short, Andrew is the man to be and the man to beat, but few are capable to fill his shoes and fewer still can best him.
Dude, Andrew showed up, this party doesn't suck to be at any more!

Hey, Andrew, can I have copious amounts of sex with you?

Andrew, terrorists hijacked a bus full of nuns! We need your help!

Andrew is my favorite customer. He pays with exact change.
by Andrew's #1 Fan October 23, 2010
gets alot of girls yet is only looking for one special girl. is smart, and athletic but has a secret passion for music. he says whats on his mind and doesnt care what everyone else says.andrews are attracted to girls with brown hair and brown eyes who are smart yet athletic at the same time. andrew have a good heart and try to stay out of trouble.stares into a girls eyes and makes her feel so special. overall, anyone who has an andrew as a friend or something more is extremely lucky!
example: andrew will always be there for you
by 797911 November 09, 2012
Someone who is very witty and clever. was once considered a nerd but not strangley extremely computer boy hot! Can strangely put his leg over his head, usually the middle child. He secretely loves squirrels and is ashamed of those he houses with. He knows his living situation is temporary and will soon be much better though.
i hired a guy named andrew to fix my computer and was certain he was a cool guy
by desereay October 14, 2008
The most kind-hearted, selfless, beautiful, unbelievably romantical and sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. Someone you could share your inner most deepest thoughts and feelings with, without being judged. Someone who listens to what your opinions and views are, no matter if he agrees with them or not; very understanding. He goes out of his way to help his loved ones, and cares for his family more than anything in the world. Has many dreams and aspirations, and knows his significant other will support him wherever his heart takes him; the Air Force, UFC, Fatherhood, etc. Friends of Andrew are attracted to his strong figure, shining smile, daring spirit, great leadership, and open arms. He holds doors, carries bags, cracks your crab legs for you, makes you smile when you aren't having the best day, and creates the most unforgettable memories. His love is unconditional, which is something you don't find everyday. Truly a blessing from above.
You'd be lucky if you could get with Andrew, too bad he's taken by that hottie, Danielle. I heard she has a nice butt.
by SOON2BaSAMMY September 14, 2011
A super hot guy who gets all the girls. Really really sexy and has a huge cock. All the girls crave sex from him.
God, I wanna fuck Andrew!
by Yvne Aiddivni October 01, 2010
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