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The barbarian of names, literally! Originally a viking name, it comes from the two Norse words "Arn", meaning eagle, and "Thor", the god of thunder. Thus, it translates to the Eagle of Thor or Thor's Eagle.
Person 1: "hi, what's your name?"
Person 2: "Hello, I'm Andor"
Person 3, a British man overhearing the conversation: "Run! Hide your children! The Vikings are coming, and they brought the Norse gods!"
by B-zzerwizzer Jr. April 26, 2011
The spoken version of the written ‘and/or’, meaning ‘either “and” or “or” ’. In time, it should become an acceptable written form, too.
“Ice cream? — I fancy Strawberry andor Cherry”.
by Pachiderm February 21, 2007
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