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when something wreaks of a combination of disgusting smells.
Her breath smells like and then some... and then some shit, and then some ass, and then some fish.
by awills94 July 01, 2011
10 29
A slang expression used to humorously imply that the preceding statement was an understatement. If speaking, the word "then" is usually stressed.
"You're a real bastard, ya know that, Joe?"
"And then some." - from the film 'The Last Boy Scout' (1991)
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
230 61
lasting for all of eternity
i want to be with you forever, and then some.
by SWD Heturtle October 17, 2010
14 28
To further express the magnitude of Times Ten
That party rocked, Times ten and then some
by Andrew November 14, 2003
30 63