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a phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. used at the end of boring stories to make them seem more interesting and worthwhile.
"yesterday i went to the fridge and took out a yogurt but put it back and got an apple instead.
...and then i found 5 dollars."
by defying gravity May 23, 2004
When you start off telling a story that you think is extremely interesting, but as you keep talking, you realize it is actually very boring, this phrase can be thrown in at the end of the story to try and make it slightly better.

People always love a good "finding money" story.
Jane: "Oh my God the craziest thing happened to me over the weekend! I was walking down Main St, and I saw that the light ahead was about to change. So I had to run to cross the street and I just made it in time... And then I found five dollars!"
by zcmini November 20, 2011
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