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Stating the obvious... A tagline
My wife came home and said "You're High"... AND PUNT!
by StephMill September 06, 2007
8 22
Based on the saying in American football when a team fails on a third down conversion. In slang, 'and punt' is used as a segue in conversation. It's a way to change the topic of a conversation.
We've talked about this political fiasco long enough, so let me just say that politicians are lying two-faced doucebags...and punt!
by amerikanidle September 06, 2007
4 20
a rip on someone for saying something stupid.
And punt! Jim said to everyone, after his idiot friend made another pointless comment.
by Sven Thames September 05, 2007
1 17
Reminds me to change the radio station to something other than the Maxwell Show on WMMS.
1. "And punt" - station moves up a notch.
by SPD October 11, 2007
13 30