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What your girlfriend hopes to achieve by "forgetting" to taker her pill, thus guaranteeing that you'll have to spend the rest of your now ruined life with her... or that you'll have to run from the law forever to avoid child support.
I caught my girlfriend flushing her pill and poking holes in all the condoms... I think she wants an anchor baby.
by Joshua Sweeney April 24, 2006
When a foreigner or illegal alien (non-US citizen) comes to the USA to have a baby for the purpose of making the baby a US citizen. The baby becomes a US citizen giving the illegal alien/foreign parent and their family grounds to come to and stay in the US and become eligible for government benefits. Also called a "jackpot baby".
Maria, an illegal alien from Mexico, had her baby in the USA. Thanks to her anchor baby, now she and her whole family can live in the US.
by jurisdoctorj April 04, 2006
an anchor baby is a term used for when an illegal alien mother-to-be hops the border into the country right when she's ready to deliver the baby, and gives birth to the child inside the country, in order to gain legal residental status in the country, due to her child automatically being a citizen of that country, by virtue of being born in the country.
That mexican girl's gonna drop an anchor baby.
by darwinawards forum May 27, 2006
an anchor baby is when you tie a baby to a rope and throw the baby over the fence and then climb the rope.
Illegal Immigrants commonly use an anchor baby as a technological advantage against United States border patrol, escaping to the general safety of local landscaping companies.
by lamigra2012 September 01, 2011
anchor baby ONLY refers to children born in the US who's mothers are here illegally. the 14th amendment provides that any child born here is automatically a US citizen regardless of the mothers status as citizen of this country or not. the US is the ONLY major industrialized country that allows this practice.
Trump: no more ANCHOR BABIES!
Latino "advocate": you cant say that, it hurts my demographics!
Trump: fuck your demographics! the US is the only country that lets illegals pop a kid here who is then by birth a citizen and working people are tired of paying taxes to support that.

latino "advocate": wah! you're hurting my feelings!! quit stating facts. I need to enlarge number of constituents I have so I can be more important and lay the victim and race card when I need to.
by taxinhold October 08, 2015
The act of leaving an unfinished drink or cocktail near a potential mate giving you a reason to go approach them one more time.
Girl- Nice anchor baby, its good!
Guy-What's that?
Girl- You left your drink here so you would have a reason to come back and talk with me.
by Vega Roddrick January 11, 2015
1. A term used when European military leaders would rape African queens, for the purpose of having offspring, so that they would become co-rulers of the queen's land. Once these anchor babies were born and the queen was murdered or deceased the king (only living progenitor of the anchor baby) would turn the matriarchal society into that of a patriarchal one.

2. A modern day term used by Conservative Republicans, during the Obama administration to fight a policy called the Dream Act, which was an immigration policy which allowed children, who were illegal immigrant to become citizens. Used as a racially charged epithet, it was suggested by Conservative Republicans that illegal immigrants (only from Mexico) would come to America to have babies to gain citizenship.
1. All the countries on the African continent were ruled by matriarchal systems until the inception of the anchor baby.

2. The reporter stated, "There is an anchor baby born every second in the US."
by HERSTORY September 06, 2014
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