Someone who speaks out against the monarchry of their own nation.
Cartwright was an anarchist as he spoke out against the 1559 religious settlement.
by bladewind987654322 April 24, 2009
a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power

a person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy; especially : one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order.

a complete lack of order.

Although Anarchy is generally thought of as a complete lack of govt, and some individuals who think thats a great idea, have tried to claim the term Anarchists as a way to describe themselves, they are mistaken, someone who seeks to overthrow any form of govt through violence AND apon success of said endeavor wants no form of authority be put in its place is an Anarchist. The correct term for someone who just wants to live without rules is "dreamer" and although I love dreams myself, I recognize that there is just no way people can live in large groups without some sort of mechanism in place to bring about order. History has proven this time and time again.
I met someone who claimed to be an Anarchist, but then claimed to be peaceful thereby exemplifiying their misunderstanding of the word, and an ignorance of not only history but of governments.
by Frank Conversation April 29, 2015
1. An edgy teenager that believes in Anarchy because he/she thinks it's cool. Probably in JROTC with a haircut that is just barely in standard

2. Someone who woke the f*ck up and decided that the government is stupid and needa to be gone.
Edgy Kid: "I'm an Anarchist"

Real Anarchist: "Whoa dude. 2edjy4mi"
by Mr.Kalashnikov December 14, 2014
a person who is free off the leash of the government.
A person who wishes to be on their own free will, not controlled by any democracy
"Being an anarchist is fun," ~ Me (Dirge)
by Dirge January 30, 2005
A "SEPERATE" POLITICAL PARTY. ONE THAT DESPISES ALL KINDS OF GOVERNMENT. WE DON'T GO AND BLOW SHIT UP, WE MAY BREAK THINGS, BUT WE'RE NOT TERROSISTS SO TO SAY. WE BELIEVE THAT U CAN RUN YOUR OWN GOD-GIVEN LIFE. that u we shouldn't have rules that certain ppl r truly focused on. it's bullshit america's goin back to communism the anarchist shall thrive on this pulse tho we want equality for all even those that hate us... is that so wrong?
dumbass: omg look uncle sam chosed me to go fight for America^^ i'm so happy
anarchist: u dumbass... u may die, do you know that? going to war for some sutpid ass shit... while the pigs that selectively chose u relax, eat, and drink the good life. i wish u good luck.... my freind
by the dark prodigy January 01, 2008
Steal Everything!Dumpster Everything!Demand Everything!Freedom for EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! Consent for all!

Illegalism is Resurrecting!
Anarchist looking to fund anti-government stuff: Give me your wallet rich fat capitalist pig!

Rich fat capitalist pig: okay, just...just don't hurt me.

Anarchist looking to fund anti-government stuff: you're the reason for so much pain and suffering, and you'll never even know.
by Emma Goldstar October 27, 2008
A person who does not believe in government, and will actively protest (in their case see riot/vandalize). Characteristics is wearing mostly black, optional baseball cap, with a black mask covering (official term unkown to poster, looks like a skimask without a mouth hole) and is versed in taking their black t-shirts and improvising a mask as well. Pants are usually made by dickies (Reason: very supportive of unions)

Victims in thier vandalism are usually businesses, but will go after a Starbuck's like flies to honey. Also known to be very persuasive in sharing their belief, accept or get the crap beat out of you.

Easy way to handle an anarchist put a sign in front of the local police station covering the police logo that says "Starbucks served here" and watch the fun begin.
Anarchist at a rally: We need to get rid of the government and capitalism! Wait, my cellphone is going off... hello? oh Mike! yeah sure I'll meet you at dickies to get knew jeans!"
by Necronner September 21, 2007
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