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anal biscuit is that turd you pop out your but that takes forever and hurts like hell. A turd that feels like it was 2 foot long coming out but only was about 2 inches. Dried up looking. A non fiberous turd.
I sat on the toilet screaming inside as my butt crack was stretched to the limit just to pop out a small anal biscuit.
by phink7d August 25, 2008
see turtles head when u need a poo and u av a bit of turd pokin out . u say i got an anal biscuit poking out.
i got an anal bisuit poking out
by ealesy October 08, 2004
Anal biscuit - the Perfectly formed poo that comes out in the shape of a biscuit
Shaun came home after a hard days work and squatted over his lover Ryan and covered him with an anal biscuit
by Swine Doctor May 26, 2016
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