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Anaf: A hot piece of sizzling flesh that burns up your shirt into ashes everytime you see her. She has the juiciest ass around and will seduce you with her bright smile without hesitation. When she's feeling kinda bubbly, she will give you the biggest hug you've ever experienced. However, when she's feeling kinda bitchy she'll kick you in your nuts with her venus legs... especially if you wanna have kids in the future. On a lighter note, she's so amazingly cute and everyone loves her to death. "Anafie is cool"
That's fucking HOT stuff... That's fucking ANAF stuff!
O baby, rub it the ANAF wayyyyyyyy... woooo circular motion
Awww, you're such an ANAFIE *booga booga*
by Ames&Tessu&Ali October 26, 2006
1. Very cool, hip, and happening.
2. Awkward. No other way to put it.
1. What? Leila has two eyes now? That shit is mad anaf!
2. "That's where my dad killed himself!" "Anaf, wow."
by nigel cambridge May 20, 2007
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