A very large snake. Posesses fangs, no poison i think. Will try to swallow prey whole, not constrict. There is a simple plan of action for if you are attacked by an anaconda.
Lie down on your back, with your arms by your sides and your legs together. The snake will crawl over you, checking you out. Do not panic. The snake will then try to swallow you. It will dislocate its jaw, and start to swallow you feet first - always feet first. Allow it to take you in its mouth up to your knees, this will take some time. When the snake reaches your knees, slowly pull out a long, sharp knife and isnert it between your knees and the anaconda's top jaw. Slide the knife away from you with force, hence removing the anaconda's head. The anaconda will then die, and you will be able to safely remove your shins and feet, and leave unscathed. You will not, however, be able to carry away the dead anaconda. It is simply too big.
So, now you know how, you will be able to protect yourself from anaconda attacks in any place you find them.
by basil June 22, 2004
Refereed to the male reproductive organ, usually meant as a humorous remark towards another.
Billy's, has Anne seen your big anaconda?
by Canadian July 30, 2003
A reptile that doesn't want none unless you've got buns, hun.
See Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
by ian1231100 October 23, 2014
a really huge poop, one that snakes around the perimeter of the bowl. Can also be wide in girth. accomplished by going pooptron
Woah, that's a stinky anaconda I just laid down.
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005
Everything wrong with society in one music video, starring none other than Nicki Minaj.

The song title "Anaconda" is also a slang for a large black penis, which ties in well to the underlying theme of the music video (sex, big booty hoes, etc.)
"Anaconda" represents the pinnacle of cultural degeneracy.
by Senpai Noticed Me October 02, 2014
It don't want none unless you got buns, hun.
Dude, anaconda is my way of life.
by xSmile for me my lovex January 27, 2015
A giant snake that would like some bread A.K.A buns hun
"My Anaconda Don't Wan't Nun Less You Got Buns Hun"
by ThatSarcasticGuyAtParty's January 13, 2015
1. A large breed of snake.
2. Slang; the male reproductive organ.
1. Holy shit! That's a big anaconda!
2. Holy shit! That's a big anaconda!
by The_Hero_of_Winds May 19, 2015

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