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Ana refers to anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. People with this eating disorder will often compare themselves to Ana, who they see as basically a physical manifestation of the eating disorder. She is often reffered to as 'my best friend Ana'. She helps the girls dive deeper into the eating disorder, telling them that they're still not skinny enough, and that what they're doing to themselves is right. She is often seen as perfect, the skinniest one could possibly be.

You might also find pro-ana sites, which are hard to explain...
"My best friend Ana is helping me lose weight, and its making a difference. Its so much easier then dieting!!"
by payto June 06, 2013
1 3
Ana stands for an eating disorder. It means ANorexiA, and it's commonly used for anorexic girls to speak in code with another anorexics grils.

They also use the term "ana" as if were a real person, a friend of theirs.
"I love ana, she make me lose so much weight".

"My best friends are ana& mia, they will make me become perfect"
by LuciaCharles March 05, 2013
6 8
Hairy male with low self esteem ; can not talk to any women what so ever. Has no female contacts! No athletic abilities.
Look at that Anas over there.. He looks like a gorilla
by Charlie10574 December 01, 2013
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Short for Anorexia. Originated from Daniel Johns of Silverchair, in one of their many hits, "Ana's Song."
"Please die Ana, For as long as you're here, we're not.
by Robyn Dryum June 28, 2006
157 165
Cutesy nickname for a serious disease. This nickname is usually only used by people who want to magicly become anorexic because it has become a trendy way to lose weight.
I skipped lunch and felt SO ana.

I am ana except for when I want some Dairy Queen and eat 6,000,000,000 calories worth of shit.

by Kyleh November 01, 2005
276 284
a 'pet name' for anorexia nervosa.
there are many arguements over the use of this word. some believe the girls who use the ana dont actually have an eating disorder, they just want one, wannabes who try to have an eating disorder and flaunt their lack of calories in blogs such as on xanga,livejournal and myspace.
others believe that ana is simply a lazy way to say anorexia, and cant be bothered to actually type that every time.
whatever you believe, anorexia is not a fad, trend or anything but what it truely is; a disease that ruins lives, not only that of the sufferer. families are torn apart, and lives are lost. anorexia can prevent you from having children, cause heart,liver and kidney problems and cause hair lose.
' ana love.'
'ana is my only friend.'
by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
57 80
ana shorter of of 'and that' e.g if somebody is doing something, and ana is added to the end of the sentance then that person as also doint other things.
ana (and that) = etc (et cetera)

Prounounced - Ann Ah
i went over her house last night and she was drinking red wine ana
by sexual-pancakes May 13, 2008
15 42