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The act of forgetting to eat, sometimes skipping meals for extremely long periods of time. Most people with amnesiorexia skip meals because they work, sleep, or are otherwise occupied, not because they desire to lose weight, and most enjoy eating. Amnesiorexics commonly forgo eating or drinking for at least 8 hours while they are awake.

The best cure for amnesiorexia is having a constant meal time, but having small snacks throughout the day is also helpful.
Busy interns, students, and gamers often have amnesiorexia.

Kate eats lunch at 12 PM, but because of two long classes (with a short break between them) she forgets to eat again until 10 PM. Kate may be amnesiorexic.

Will and his friends start a game of Risk around 10 PM, and are so absorbed in the game they play until it ends at 6 AM. Will realizes he hasn't eaten anything since 8 PM last night. Will may be amnesiorexic.
by fluorescent adolescent May 05, 2009
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