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An Arabic name used to describe someone with great skill or talent, or a person with a high degree of street cred and 'cool'. The actual word Ammar comes from the Arabic word "to create", which sort of means this person is a god. An Ammar can usually makes girl fall just at the mention of a name. The most famous of these Ammar folk is one by the name of ammaro.
Girl: "What's your name?"
Ammar: "Ammar"
Girl: *Faints from excitement*
by snoop456 April 12, 2009
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A Muslim name given to someone with high credibility, someone who is "legit" and has a lot of street rep and "cool". The beholder of this name is great with girls and is good looking and strong. An "Ammar" can get girls easily because of his toned body. "Ammars" are born leaders and they make great decisions. People with the name "Ammar" should be highly respected. The name "Ammar" comes from a root word meaning create. An Ammar usually falls for smart and good looking women.
Highschool Teacher: "Okay kids lets share our names. Lets start with "A"."

Ammar: "Hey my name is Ammar."

All the girls in class: *Faint from the amazingness and excitement from seeing an "Ammar".

All the boys in class: *Gather around Ammar and stare in aw at his cool.
by Zach strellings July 20, 2011
Someone who makes all the ladies swoon, the men jealous. With what you ask? His facial hair. It makes Ashton Kutcher jealous.
Boy: Dang, that guy has a baller beard. What an Ammar.
Girl: *faints*
Ashton Kutcher: God Damn it.
by ArabianKnight24 September 25, 2011
A commonly used Saudi Arabian name. The people called Amaar are also called the Master or Mastero. The term Mastero is given to those with the name Ammar, because they believe they are the masters of everything. Also, most owners of the name Ammar have an American accent and like to say 'ma lacker' (my locker).
Ahmad: Hey are you Ammar?
Ammar: Yeah, but you can call me The Master or Mastero.
Ahmad: What is that your opening?
Ammar: That's ma lacker.
Ahmad: Your what?
Ahmad: Your locker?
Ammar: Yeah, ma lacker.
Ahmad rofl.
by Dont Worry :-) November 15, 2007

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