adj: originating from north america or applying to the north-american consumer market
The americanadian version of this game has some nifty extra-features yet to be found in the european version.
by Hoopla Tozz March 21, 2007
Top Definition
A Canadian-born American citizen, or an American-born Canadian citizen.
That New Yorker was born in Canada. He's quite the americanadian.
by Anonymous March 05, 2005
1) n. A type of unicycle. Usually armor-plated with a single moutded hand-cannon that attaches to the arm.

2) n. A crossbreed between An american and a canadian.
1) HOLY SHIT The enemy broke our lines with a battalion of americanadians

2) So, David and Steph had kids and now they're breeding little americanadians
by Lexington Prongs August 11, 2005
An american who acts Canadian, or someone of both American and Canadian decent.
"Man that guy acts americanadian"
"I'm an americanadian, I'm from Toronto, and I moved to Houston for some jobs"
by D-Baggerd September 02, 2006
The best way to live. Being a canadian citizen living in america means that you can make a whole lot of money AND you can't get drafted. The downside however is being made fun of for being canadian and having to hear "Blame Canada!!" every 3.997 seconds.
Steve: Hey "Y'all", I'm from canada!!
Joseph: make me a sammich biotch, BLAME CANADA!!
by Darth Farron March 07, 2005
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