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Axe Murda Boyz. Rappers usually associated with the Juggalo fan base. Juggalos being hardcore fans of Psychopathic Records and its artists.
AMB only did a two song set but got the crowd fuckin' pumped.
by lette March 07, 2004
Ass Managed Bitch
someone who is willingly under the authority of an ass manager and from this derives a sense of identity.

one who is subject to the jurisdiction and whims of a pimp.
ho, slut, whore
THOMAS: "Did you notice how cheerfully Rudolph complied with the retardistic ravings of that Ass Manager, Stevens?"
RICHARD: "I did happen notice that."
HARRISON: "Yes, Rudolph is an A.M.B."

You ain't nothin but an A.M.B.
by Danfield August 15, 2006
The mysterious 'Annoyers Message Boards' which Hirosuke still won't give me the link to.
Perhaps it's in my best interest if he doesn't.
by Leiko October 03, 2004
abbr. Ataris Message Board.

An online message board with 1.5 decent forums to post in and moderated by an individual named Zack.
Did you see what Rocko posted on the AMB?
by Mike Hayes January 15, 2004
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