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An amazing , beautiful , intelligent girl. Usually a black girls name.
She is so beautiful.Her name must be amaya
by beatsbabe July 03, 2011
means "night rain" in japanese. is mostly used for a girls name
watashi wa Amaya desu. (my name is Amaya)
by nicole bitch!!!! November 16, 2007
Love and Angel :) sweetest girl around do anything for you
Ever Amaya is a sweet heart.
by TM ACH November 04, 2011
the prettiest girl you'll ever lay your eyes on. her eyes sparkle and capture everyone. she has a nice smile and she is pure. like an angel.
we went to the soup kitchen, Amaya was there.
by kdizzlebfrizzle August 21, 2011
A bitch who everyone hates. She's my best friend and I love her. She's really funny but really inappropriate.
"did you see amaya?"

"she called lindsey a twat."
by That mixed chick October 08, 2014