A term that originally comes from the Hebrew word "Emet" (truth). It is not from Arabic, the Arabic word has been originated from the Hebrew one.
It is often mentioned in both Jewish and Christian prayers. The Christian use of the word was inherited from the Jewish tradition of using it in prayers, pretty much like the word Hallelujah ("praise God" in Hebrew).
In Israel, it is sometimes used as a slang in everyday speech.

The term has two meanings:
1) What you just said, is the truth.
2) I wish that what you just said, will become the truth.

Examples to the two meanings of the word:
(in a jewish synagogue)
Rabbi: And so the God of Israel has freed his nation from slavery in Egypt.
Jew: Amen. (It is the truth)

John: ...And so, we will crush the other team in this football game!
Bob: Amen!! (It will be the truth)
by Urban_Fellow February 21, 2007
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a very cute boy who is all of the following:

1. sexy
2. your best friend
3. the best boyfriend ever!
4. the man you love!
oh my gawwwwd! is that Aman?
by menaka April 03, 2006
Aman, broken up to be A Man. That is ironic due to the fact that Aman is also God.

Aman once clashed kicks with Chuck Norris. The universe was destroyed and recreated in that exact instant and Aman was declared victorious as this universe was one where Chuck Norris was killed by Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon.

Aman also broke math at one time. All math was proven wrong before Aman's wrathful findings.

Aman is someone who is extremely clever and intelligent. Aman cannot be outsmarted, if you have believed you have done so then he planned for you to do it. If it appears Aman is having a headache, he is not. He is having a premonition. Aman is also a robot.

No one knows where Aman originated, some believe he simply existed when the universe began. Others believe his conception was synonymous with the heavens. Still others believe that he is here to wreak havoc upon mankind and ultimately rule us all. However, it is said that some see Aman roaming upon this Earth. These claims are yet to be investigated. If he does exist, pray for your lives.

Only time will tell what Aman will do next.
Holy crap, there's Aman! ; Did you hear about how Aman smited those heretics? ; OH MAH GAWD I LOVE AMAN! ; Who the hell is Aman? ; Person A: Aman just hugged me! Person B: Lier! You are not good enough for him to hug you! Burn for your treason! *burns Person A* ; Person A: I wonder if I'll ever meet God. Person B: He's right over there. *points at Aman*
Used to express hearty approval. It's more often than not seen within a Church, mainstream Christianity, etc.
Man 1: "I think what we need in this country is more healthcare!"
Man 2: "Amen to that!"


Man 1: Jesus is Lord!
Man 2: Amen!
by Intrama February 01, 2004
a simple man who possesses a large penis and attracts women with it !!!
Dean: why are the women going over there?

Rob: Oh its aman, he has a magnet in his pants for women!
by gazelle150 January 17, 2011
A Miserable little pile of secrets!

by MAHNAMER May 12, 2010
Greek: Truly, sure, of a truth, solemnly (amaen)
Verbal Adjective: firm, faithful
Conclusionary clause: so it is, so be it, may it be fulfilled

Hebrew (Aramaic): Conclusionary: So be it. Verbal Adjective: Faithful, firm.

English: Conclusionary word signaling the completion of a prayer (word, Greek: logos).
Amaen Amaen lego humin, "Truly Truly I say to you (plural)"
by Webster November 02, 2004
1- Said at the end of the prayer
2- Said in agreement
1- ...and lead us not into temptation but deliever us from evil. amen

2- Chelsea- that boy is so fine
Kiki- amen to that, sista!
by Maybelline July 13, 2005

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