a girl who is hard to be hated. Everyone knows who she is but she has 5 main best friends who will stick together. She is pretty and cute but tends to hide her feelings but will help you with your problems no matter what.
dude 1: hey did you see alyssa this morning?
dude 2: yea of course i did she was with one of her best friends lauren i think.
by lover15349 December 28, 2009
An amazing friend that will stick with you no matter what. Alyssa holds her head up high and always makes you happy. Friends, Family and boys are a lot to handle, but Alyssa is great at all that stuff. And it'll be your loss to reject her friendship.
Girl: Alyssa I'm so sad!

Alyssa: Omigosh, why? You are so awesome. No-one can bring you down. You rock my socks off and don't let anyone say otherwise. I love you, no homo.
by sexy momma lol April 03, 2010
An amazing person who will do anything to make her friends and others happy. She is sometimes annoying, but most of the time shes laughing... at her own jokes with her annoying laugh. This is the type or person you want to be friends with.
"OMG. what happened when the duck crossed the street? It got eaten by a racoon! hahahahaha."
"Omg! your soo alyssa!!!"
by katheirnee June 19, 2008
an amazing friend who should never be forgotten and nobody should ever hate her. shes an amazing person who always knows what to say :)
"omg that girl is soooo nice and is a great friend whats her name"

by zoe :) lula October 18, 2009
A girl who is very cute and cant make you laugh, Beautiful, Pretty and sweet.
Girl 1 : Omg it's alyssa
Girl 2 : She's soooo pretty
by CloudyCloud March 19, 2009
She is pretty Badass, and super funny. She is one of the most individual people you will ever meet. Ever. She listens to a lot of indie music and enjoy breaking things and lighting things on fire. But some how she manages to be really sophisticated at the same time. She is, no joke, one of the most interesting people you will meet in you life. She has really nice boobs too.
"Hahahahaha, that girl is so funny!! Who is that?"
"Must be Alyssa"
by annyomous120333 December 13, 2011
The most hottest lovable person you will ever meet
guy1: Hey look at alyssa she is so hot!

guy2: I know right!
by Jeremy Cz. February 25, 2010
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