Alyssa is someone who will get easily dedicated. She'll get hurt for the littlest things, but she'll always care for you. She'll say she's over someone, but she really isn't. Alyssa can be a bitch sometimes. She has obsessive crushes, and she likes to dream. Sleep is her bestfriend, and she takes her grades seriously. She regrets so much.. She loves compliments. So make sure to compliment her a lot. She loves kisses on foreheads and snuggling. If you have someone like this, keep her. Oh and, she gets offended easily. It'll take her forever to get over someone. At one point, it's annoying.. But then again.. She really cares.
Wow, Alyssa still likes Brian.
by liveclassy November 28, 2012
The girl you can count on. The girl who will have your back no matter what you do. The girl who will give 110% every min of the day. The girl who Ti loves very much. The girl who will give her heart to the guy who gives her a chance and wont let go. The girl who is smoking hot and you don't want to get off of.
Brad: Ti how was your date with Alyssa. Ti: Dude I had the best night of my life she was sooo hot. Brad: Damn that good huh? Ti: Hell yea
by [Brad] January 20, 2009
She is very original. She has eyes that can penetrate in to your head. She has a thing about her when she know what your thinking and whats running through your head. She has a devil side and an angelic side. She is a lot of fun, sarcastic, and a little hard to get along with... but if you try hard enough, you wont be sorry.
by truthful123444543 June 21, 2012
Dripping down to your knees, being utterly soaked. Anything that resembles an waterfall, ocean, lake, river, or other body of water is known as an Alyssa. Being damp is an understatement, to become Alyssa you must become as wet as you can and then double it.
someone spilled the water... God damn it Alyssa!

That log ride was really fun, too bad im all Alyssa now.

1:Is that rain or Alyssa..?!
2: I can't tell all i know is that Alyssa is the wetter one.
by RyanDoback420 July 24, 2011
one of the most amazing women you will ever meet. the name alyssa refers to a woman of great beauty and a wonderful personality. not only is she blessed with looks of an angel she always makes everyone around her feel better and have a good time. she enjoys having sex with nick's and is always looking for a good time. she is full of excitement and will put a smile on anyone around her. she is annoyed and has a personal phobia of people with gonorhea and chlamydia.
nick was lucky to get some from alyssa. he brags to his friend because she is an angle walking amongst people
by oviduct February 24, 2007
Alyssa is a very quiet and shy girl to those she doesn't quite know but is actually really random, funny, and outgoing. She is very beautiful and has amazing legs however she is very self-conscious and dosent accept herslef and others compliments. She is very smart and has several fandoms. She is an avid fan of many sports despite belief and is only athletic in a few. She hides her true feelings and is there to comfort others often. She is very sweet and is often heard complimenting and empowering others with her words. She is never one to seek out relationships and always second guesses any decision she makes. She is also very social but prefers to stay home with a good book or the Internet. She is one who will try her hardest at everything and won't stop til it's perfect. She is truly amazing and one to never let go.
Guy1: How was your date yesterday with Alyssa?

Guy2: It was the best! We watched her favorite tv show and made out for a while after!

Guy1: Awesome! She's a good one bro.

Guy2: I know. I'll never let her slip away.
by HPR2D2 July 30, 2013
Common name for a uniquely beautiful girl. Alyssa originated from Germany where it means 'of noble kind'. It is also derived from the name of the flower alyssum. Girls with the name Alyssa feature beautiful, dark, almond-shaped eyes with thick, luscious, wavy hair and have a smile that can brighten your day. Alyssa's have a rough side to them so don't let their innocence fool you.
by Ryanet September 23, 2013

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