a person who eats a vast amount of large cupcakes. also a rude or jerkish person
- Rebeca! omg that fatass didnt text me on valentines day!
- its ok Alter, hes an alway.
by Altaria February 14, 2010
The depressed Persian tow-truck man's favorite line.
"It gets bad, then it gets worse, then it gets worse, then i fall 100,000 feet onto pile of razors, and i ask ""Why god?"" and he pours lemon juice on me. Always." - dpressed Persian tow-truck man.
by J (As my friends call me =)) April 24, 2008
A extreamly useful and powerful word that is used in the English language. The ultimate positive answer and always will be.
Man 1: Are you playing sports again?
Man 2: Always
by Instant Noodles May 19, 2007
Cheap. Jewish. Will do anything for money. Someone who wouldn't lend you a dime if you begged for it.
William is so always. I once saw him stealing pennies from the wishing well at the Mall.

Come on, $5 a cover, you always bastard.
by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007
Always is when a cheating husband has to run back home to avoid getting busted, and the lady tells him that he must ALWAYS kiss her goodbye.
1. once you get out of the bed you should ALWAYS kiss me.
2. when we reach my bedroom door you must ALWAYS kiss me.
3. When you are at the door you must ALWAYS kiss me and make sure you don't rush it.
by dudu1 September 03, 2008
used to emphasise agreement in how good something is, in replying to what someone else has said about it.
1. Always that!

2. Person A: I'm eating transformer crisps
Person B: Always the transformer crisps!
by jethro wallis August 16, 2005
The ultimate answer to a yes or no question
Person A: Whoa, I'm battered
Person B: Dya want another bong Chico?
Person A: Always
by Frances Griffin March 11, 2006

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