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The best person ever. She is nice, funny, smart, and beautiful. You'd be lucky to be friends with her.
Are you friends with Alvina?
Yeah! who isn't?
by I'm me123453673567 March 07, 2011
Alvina can also be an affectionate term for a person's future lover. This new meaning of the word came to be when a desperate boy could not get Alvin the love of his life because he was already taken by a charming girl. The charming girl tried to comfort the desperate boy and told him "Don't worry you'll find your Alvina someday." This gave the boy new hope and he is now searching for his lovely Alvina.
Person 1: Do you see how beautiful she is?

Person 2: Who

Person 1: That girl over there, she's breathtaking

Person 2: I think you found your Alvina
by Alvin<3lover April 09, 2013
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