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word that can be used in place of alright.
- "im sorry about before. we altight?"

- "yeah, we altight, man."


- "i hope everything's altight with you and me"


- "do you like her?"
- "she's altight, she's altight."
by cpowee November 04, 2009
used much like its cousin "alright" except only in very serious situations, due to something like the danger or urgency involved
Alright: (a pedestrian phrase)
"Hey we're going to the movies"-"Alright, see you there"

Altight: (not just some throwaway garbage like alright)
"Dude you just got curb-stomped by that guy!!"-"Don't worry bout it man i'm altight"-"OK, good, i wanted to make sure you were altight"
by number7getout October 18, 2011
A mix between alright and tight. Used to say that everything's all good.
Sorry I'm late.

Its altight yo.
by keightk May 04, 2011
like alright but surprised in a good way
hey i was gunna get a new computer should i go with the high end or the low end

-actually new ones are coming out next week

by ms10 linguistics October 22, 2009