like alright but surprised in a good way
hey i was gunna get a new computer should i go with the high end or the low end

-actually new ones are coming out next week

by ms10 linguistics October 22, 2009
Top Definition
used much like its cousin "alright" except only in very serious situations, due to something like the danger or urgency involved
Alright: (a pedestrian phrase)
"Hey we're going to the movies"-"Alright, see you there"

Altight: (not just some throwaway garbage like alright)
"Dude you just got curb-stomped by that guy!!"-"Don't worry bout it man i'm altight"-"OK, good, i wanted to make sure you were altight"
by number7getout October 18, 2011
A mix between alright and tight. Used to say that everything's all good.
Sorry I'm late.

Its altight yo.
by keightk May 04, 2011
word that can be used in place of alright.
- "im sorry about before. we altight?"

- "yeah, we altight, man."


- "i hope everything's altight with you and me"


- "do you like her?"
- "she's altight, she's altight."
by cpowee November 04, 2009
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