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(spoken alternative: "alt dot nerd dot obsessive")

Origins: Said by Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons in the second episode of the seventh season, "Radioactive Man". Bart asked CBG who would star in the new Radioactive Man movie, and CBG went to a website called "alt.nerd.obsessive" to retrieve the information.

1. (n.) Fictional website on the Simpsons.

2. (adj.) Extreme nerdiness on specific topic.

3. (adj.) Desire to get detailed information on nerdy topic.
- Example One:

Bart: "Who's gonna play Radioactive Man?"

Comic Book Guy: "I will tell you in exactly seven minutes." (Sits at computer.) "Okay, here we are, alt.nerd.obsessive. Need know star RM pic."

- Example Two:

Bob: "Steve, I just made 50 new Simpsons memes!"

Steve: "Someone's a little alt dot nerd dot obsessive."
by freakpowerticket February 23, 2010
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