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Houston, TX's gangsta resident way to say 'Fo Sho' or 'Yeah'.
- You gotta hit this club with us mayne
- Already
by Thablkpanda September 18, 2005
Short for "you already know." Used in Texas slang, it's an affirmation.
Pronounced: "aw reddy"
--That cat who said "already" ain't no word is buggin.
by TexasCherry November 28, 2005
In agreement of the conversated context
Ima get 22's on the Expedition...
Already cuz!
by Big Body February 24, 2003
A word that started in Dallas meaning;

"Thats right"
"That was tight"
"Good job"
You going to Beach Party? "Already"!!!!!!!

"Already", I just finshed my report.
by Dat_Boi_From_OakCliffTX April 27, 2006
to agree, to support(positively used) -of southern origin.
Will- Yea, so I have to fly to L.A to finish shooting the last three scenes

BTrill- Already!
by @B_Trillionaire November 02, 2010
Already (all-ready), i got you; forget about it; it's done; you got it; for real; you know it;
"Say man, did you file for ya income tax yet?"
"For real, when you get that done?"
"Like the day before yesterday"
by Rocc Rilla April 09, 2009
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