A Jain cosmological term derived from Sanskrit, also known as Alokakash - The (empty) infinite space outside the universe is called the non-universe (Alokakash).
(In the non-universe, space alone exists without the other five substances)
The 6 substances are: Soul (Jiva), Matter (Pudgala), Ether (Dharmastikyya), Anti-ether (Adharmastikaya), Space (Akasha), Time (Kala).
by Alok April 18, 2005
Top Definition
Pure hottness;sexaliciousness
Damn! that jigga is alok fa sho
by uhuhhhh December 29, 2003
This person, or type of person will pretty much screw you over. Truly a jerk and always thinks he is right. Irrational.
Avoid at all costs.
Wow, he's just like an alok.
by Xwee December 23, 2008
the biggest pimp out for all da ho's n bizitches; the badest mofucka ya niga's ever c
damn niga, he fucking caught dat damn breezie like alok yo!
by atrain November 22, 2003
the biggest n baddest pimp out for all da cracka-ho's; the most tricked out mofucka ya niga's ever c
damn niga! He fucking caught dat damn breezie like alok would have yo!
by Train November 22, 2003
verb: to shit on to someone's chest for their sexual gratification
I went round to your Mum's last night and alokked her.
by anon April 17, 2005
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