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Heaven in candy form. chocolate, toffee, almonds and walnuts.
The thing you use to make people fall in love with you.
Friend: you want some almond roca?
Friend 2: is it good?
Friend 3: dont ask just eat it. Stick it in your mouth, chew, swallow and then express you joy!
by iBadass December 19, 2008
A kind with a dream to be the best and most famous rapper alive.
Homie 1: yo, that kid is wack
Homie 2: nah dog... he just an almondroca
by Matias rocafort December 13, 2007
A young rapper with a dream to be the best.
Aka Matias
Dude 1:Dude lil wayne is sick.
Dude 2: naw he ain't no almondroca
by Matias Rocafort December 06, 2007
Animal poop.

Origins: Some animal feces are high in undigested protien, so that other animals will eat it. Dogs often eat cat poop because it is high in protien.
Fido ate up every bit of kitty's almond roca.
by Hosehead January 07, 2004
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