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al·might·i·er (ol-'mI-tE-&r)

1) to regard or refer to oneself as 1337, thereby proclaiming superiority over n00bs.

2) also used as an interjection to mean "keep it real!"
1) don't be frontin like you think you be almightier an' shiet.

2) word, man. almightier!
by APSpecialist June 06, 2005
1. A spell-check correction for "allrightie", sent out via email to proclaim agreement, but also vast superiority over co-workers.

2. Angela trying to subliminally imply that she's of god-like status, especially when compared to the rest of her friends.
1. Co-worker#1: So we'll see you at the bar?
Co-worker#2: Almightier!

2. Dude, don't worry about Angela, she just thinks she's almightier
by Youthful_Wisdom May 25, 2005
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