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1. adj. An almost straight male.
2. adj. An almost straight female.
3. n. One who is overly confident in their straightness, and therefor comes off as obviously insecure about his/her sexuality.
1) Yeah I met this guy Tony at a friend's birthday party last night. He's my friend's dance partner. He was really into me, I think. We sang rent together, talked about Brad Pitt, and then he had to leave to get ready to see the Rocky Horror show with his ex-girlfriend. He's kinda almaight though.

2) Dude, this girl is mad hot. And when she got drunk the last time with my friends, she hooked up with this other chick on her softball team, and then invited me in. But it's cool she only does it if there's a guy and a girl. I mean she's a little almaight, but I don't care she's bangin.

3) Mike: Sam, I like that shirt... it looks really good.
Sam: Woah man, you know I don't go like that. I got with 3 chicks at that party last week. I'm so straight I make Lance Bass look gay.
Mike: Lance Bass IS gay.
Sam: Shut up, no he isn't. I'd have heard about it if he was.

Sam is an almaight.

by Imal waisontop October 08, 2007
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