1) Do not confuse with "Alizé" (Trade wind)
2) To make one's Alizée with s.o. = To tease s.o. with a lolita look
3) To be an adult fan of Alizée = Not to be an adult fan of Lorie
4) Marketing product of Mylène Farmer
5) Corsican singer ; French artist
1) Meteorologists take an interest in the "Alizé", not "Alizée"... (I'm not sure ?)
2) She made her Alizée with Jeremy, and his friend, Paul, and the cousin of Paul, Arnaud, and the boyfriend of Arnaud, Jeremy.
3) Lorie sings "A vingt ans" versus Alizée who sings "J'ai pas vingt ans"
4) With albums, singles, cd maxi (remixes), vinyles etc.
6) She's a real Corsican girl. Her name : Alizée Jacotet.
So, she's not the secret daughter of Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat.
by Franck November 23, 2003
Nothing but a cute face with a terrible voice.
Britney Spears
Cristhina Aguilera
Avril Lavigne
And many others...
by Rick Rivers February 15, 2004

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