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A girl who is quite different from others. She is very tall and a little awkward at times and very quiet. But when you get to know her she is talker. She has a beautiful nature and is a beautiful woman. She gets all of the guys and has lots of friends and family. And she's much of a tomboy.
Mean girl: I wish I was as popular as Alizah.

Alizah: You just have to be nice and....

Mean girl: And??

Alizah: And be me. Lol
#pretty #nice #popular #tall #girl
by Hipster.Gurll July 15, 2014
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Is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, she is also very tall shy, smart, funny, nice, and it doesn't stop there it keeps going on and on. If you are ever liked by her then you are probably one of the luckiest guys alive on this planet so if she likes you try talking with her and try to be friends of any sort.
person: dude, i think i'm in love with Alizah.

person #2: Nah dude you don't have a chance,like c'mon bro .

after about a week they began to start talking after getting her kik from her best friend

Alizah: I actually liked you since 4th grade so don't be nervous.

person: Oh i would of never thought of that.

after about a month or so talking with Alizah he decided to crack the question

person: Hey, Alizah I've been meaning to ask you this for a while...would you um well... go out with me?

She thought about it but never responded...(based on a personal true story about Alizah)
by i love alizah March 17, 2016
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