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She's the kind of girl the guys circle around to watch her walk away. She's got the hottest body in town and she sure does know how to get a guy excited. While she's the best any guy could get under the sheets, she's also frighteningly intelligent, highly talented in several departments, and very successful. She also loves giving back to the world, but she she has stolen your heart.
She's not your average kind of pretty. She's vivacious, filled out, she's-the-light-of-my-life kind of pretty. Beware that if you ever fall in love with her, your heart will forever be hers. She will always be on your mind, taking over your dreams, dictating your emotions. She is an almighty goddess. She is out going, creative, and sexy enough to be the queen of any man's world.
Dang, I wish you could be more like an Alizabeth.
by yourmotherwashere November 26, 2014

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