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heterosexual intercourse, b/w a man and a women, involving the penetration of the birth canal by the penis and a third party, particularly a female.

Exactly thirty minutes after vaginal penetration, the third party then commences the process of reproduction on the male cohort's face.

(I.E. a three way between one male and two females, one of which whom is pregnant, then the male proceeds to have sex with the female who is not pregnant for how ever long it may take for the pregnant women to give birth on the his face.)
Male: Let's synchronize our watches so we get this Alien Tan just right...
by crustyasscheeks May 25, 2014
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when a male cums on females face,or your moms
dude 1:hey i just gave your mom an alien tan
dude 2:gross
by spaggeti October 07, 2009
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