Fuck Nirvana. That's right, fuck Kurt Cobain. Fuck "Nevermind", fuck the baby, fuck Teen Spirit. AIC kicks Nirvana's ass. Let's see you compare, let's say, Polly to Rooster. Let's see you compare Lithium to Man In The Box. Talk to me about music after you've made those comparisons. I guess, theoretically, you could compare Facelift to Bleach, but there is no comparison in my eyes. Dirt to Nevermind... fuckin' kiddin' me?
Idiot - KRUT CBOAIN iS tHe VoIcE oF oUr GeNeRaTiOn! PlUs hE's HaWt!@
by anonymous February 22, 2005
THE best rock band in my opinion. Their music is deep, poetic, dark, emotional, beautiful and just fucking rocks. Awesome vocals from Layne Stanley. Awesome guitar solos and vocals from Jerry Cantrel.

Some of their best songs include: Man in the Box, Nutshell, Angry Chair, Again, Rain When I Die, I Stay Away, Rooster, and Grind
It didn't really rain when Layne Stanley died..

Have you heard Nutshell? Its beautiful.
by Austin May 06, 2005
Alternative rock band (or "grunge")prevalent in the mid 90's heavily laden with talent and angst. Very few bands that follow similar styles live up to these virtuosos.
Alice in Chains kicks ass.
by friend of bob May 16, 2004
emotion at its finest
by jay September 29, 2003
Alice in Chains were a band who wrote music about drug addiction hence the name, rather than alice being in wonderland their name blatantly reffers to the misery of drug addiction.

Their beautiful and melodic music acts as a vehicle for them to express their emotions regarding esp. layne staley's 15 year struggle with multiple substance addiction, family breakdown and disfunction.

they portray this so well that people many people who listen to them are in danger of becoming depressed merely by listening.

In my opinion their work is as valuable as the most important literature and poetry of the 20th century.
My life is shit, I feel like I am treading water in a big black sea, and that I just dont have the energy or desire to keep swiming, I am pretty sure that soon I will find myself sinking with lungs full of water, impotently paralised and traveling down to what ever namless horrors live in the deep.

holy shit have you been listening to Alice in Chains again?
by wadstard February 21, 2012
Alice In Chains was one of the five big bands which originated in the seattle area during the 80s and the 90s and are in my opinion the best band in their genre any day
listen to :
1)down in a hole
3)got me wrong
4)rain when i die
5)no excuses
me:God is alice in chains the best ?
God:fo' shizzle ma bizzle
by vijeth March 04, 2006
Heavy Meatal/"Grunge" band circa 1987-late '90s. Formed by vocalist Layne Staley, guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Michael Starr, and drummer Sean Kinney. Recorded debut album, 'Facelift' in 1990 after releasing the 'We Die Young' EP. Then releases the 'Sap' EP in 1991. In 1992, they peaked with their classic 'Dirt'. After 'Dirt' Michael Starr was replaced with Ozzy Osbourne bassist Mike Inez. Recorded the best-selling EP of all time, 'Jar of Flies' in 1993, the stoped touring for three years because of Staley's serious heroine problem. The recorded their self-titled album in 1995, then finished off with an Unplugged album in 1996. In April of 2002, when the band wasn't really doing anything together, Layne Staley was found dead in his house of an apparent overdose of heroine and cocaine.
Nah, man, Slipknot sucks, you should listen to something good liek Alice In Chains.
by Dugan March 10, 2005

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