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1. See heroin.

2. A BDSM sexual fantasy.
1. 'Used to be curious/now the shit's sustenance.'Alice in Chains, 'Hate To Feel'.

2. 'If I knew any hot girls called Alice, I'd so do that.'
by DarkDecapodian January 16, 2009
A permanent way to turn that frown upside down; take your depressive/emo/irritating bastard, shove a credit card or similar object into his gob so that it separates his jaws, and carve two curving lines from each edge of his mouth to as close to his ears as you can get without cutting into bone. The results will put a smile on every dial. Especially the staff at the emergency ward.
'Turn that Fall Out Boy crap off before I give you a Glasgow Grin!'
by DarkDecapodian January 16, 2009
1. A subculture of elf society; members are known to wear black almost exclusively, listen to Alien Sex Fiend, and mope. Not very popular with mainstream elf society, needless to say. Second most popular choice for Vampire: The Masquerade players in non V:TM LARPing, after vampires.

2. A dark-skinned, underground dwelling, evil society of elves in Dungeons and Dragons. This does not work as science (how the hell do you increase melanin levels without sunshine?) or as tokenism (the black guys are evil? Huh...).
1. 'Wait, I'm playing as a DARK Elf, see? I'm still cool, aren't I, guys?'

'The fuck you are, poindexter.'

2. See 1.
by DarkDecapodian January 16, 2009

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